Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Color is your emotions?

Once again, I found myself inspired by my good friend, Judith Westerfield's blog.
Creativity to the Max, is a fun and inspirational blog, you should check out if you haven't already!

Today she talked about How to Express Your Emotions Using Colors

So I did.  Most of the time she uses paint with her groups, but it can get a bit messy when in bed, so I used my computer.
I didn't erase anything.
I just picked a brush and a color, and let loose.

This is what I came up with:

Resented are Mad Sad, Glad, Fear, and Disgust.

This could not have come at a better time for me.
I feel like my emotions are all a jumble.
I noticed that Anger (or Mad) resembles a person, and seems to be holding on to Sad.  But Glad is trying hard to over come it.  Fear, feels much bigger in me...but he is hiding in the corner.  Afraid.
I was surprised to find Disgust leaking into everything.

I've been in this bed for so long, I haven't even been out side for 12 days, and the day I went outside, it was to go to the hospital and come home.

I'm sure if I looked back in my journal (other blog) I could figure out the last time I had a really good day, and was able to spend some time away from the house.

I remember the day before Thanksgiving, we braved the grocery store, we needed 2 things.  I almost broke down in tears and had a complete panic attack.  I wasn't feeling bad, not with the vertigo and such like I so very often do...no this was because of my hearing.  I couldn't tell which way sounds were coming from, I kept getting in people's way and didn't know it, people kept coming up behind me and scaring me.   I was in a huge grocery store, with Stuart close by, and I felt so isolated, and overwhelmed by stimuli at the same time.
I may never go in a grocery store again.  (I know that's a bit overly dramatic, but I usually shop at the Farmer's Market or our local Co-Op, both are much smaller, and more manageable.  Even if I did cry the last time I was at the Co-Op.)

Right now, life is a bit overwhelming.  I want to be mad at someone.  I feel I'm taking it out on Stuart, and he's really trying his best.  But I need to be mad at someone..I need to get some of this anger out.
I will...but I don't think I need to let it all out at once.  If I did, well, they might describe our house as another Chernobyl. Complete Melt Down.

Thanks Judith for giving me what I needed today.
I'd love to see how other's express their feelings with color....so send me some, or show them on your blog.
You can do it, it doesn't take long, and it gives you something tangible to focus those emotions on.


  1. Wendy, GREAT idea to use your computer!
    Your processing is really good. Heres' some more things to think about:
    Mad looks like it's throwing something over Sad or the contact with Sad is distorting Mad's arm or . . .
    Sad appears amoeba like - how are your transparent areas of sad different from the opaque sad?
    Sad is the most organic form? Each has a distinct quality, energy how do you experience that in reality?
    Glad touches everything except Mad.
    What does the negative space represent?

  2. Wendy,
    When you have the energy just focus on Mad and "paint" the colors (plural) of Mad.

  3. I don't think I could paint me without a color for pain and a color for tired...period. They are just a part of my life every day.
    I like yours, though. Sorry you are feeling overwhelmed and angry. :( I think that paint-paint-paint is a good idea to help release some of that, yes. Great idea!
    Myself, I find that when I am angry what's underneath is great sadness and that crying actually helps release my anger moreso than when I am letting the anger out, you know? Maybe that is just me.
    Best to you. *hugs*

  4. If you need to "yell" at somebody, please feel free to be mad at me. I think you have my email address. If not, I'll give it to you and you can get as angry as you need to be. Know its not the same as having the person right there, but give it a try. Then maybe the anger in your picture will accept the joy

  5. Phylor...
    Thank you so much. The anger is better today. You know some days things happens and you just really get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    You are a dear...and you can yell at me any time you want to too!!


  6. Judith,
    I will think about all of these things, some I could answer right away, some I'd have to ponder over.

    oooo...focusing on Mad. I feel like I've been doing that quite a lot lately.
    But when I'm a bit more energetic...I feel like I'm trying to catch up on so much...I'll dive into it!

    thank you my friend.

  7. Rita,
    I understand!
    I only did the suggested emotions from Judith's post.
    Pain, could be a part of all of the emotions I used except for glad.
    Tired...well, it's that more of a state of being (all the dang time), but my feelings being about it..sad, mad, fear, disgust...yeah those again.

    I do think there should show more good feelings...
    contentment..or is that a state of being too..probably.

    Well,this worked pretty well.
    It helped me get out some thoughts I needed to let out. and that's what it's all about right?


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