Gallery of My Older Work

Here is a sample of my artwork from the past.  (All the pictures I could find I had saved digitally, anyway.)
You may notice that some of the work has my maiden name, Wendy Calloway, and other's have Wendy Holcombe.  I promise, they are both me!

Hope you enjoy.

Pen and Ink Design of Fish

"Fish Go Round"
A Mandala based on the previous pen and ink drawing.
(yeah I know it's hard to see the fish.  The red on the outside is the tail,
and the dots near the center it the eye....does that help?

The following is a Series of Paintings is called my 
"Motion Series"
Beth on Bike
42" x 36" Oil on Canvas (1993) 

The Jockey
42" x 36" Oil on Canvas (1993) SOLD

Speed Skater
36" x 42" Oil on Canvas (1993)
Won Purchase Award at SC State Fair

The Diver
36" x 42" Oil on Canvas (1993) SOLD

Fiddler in Central Park
36" x 42" Oil on Canvas (apx. 2008)

The following Paintings do not belong to a series.
There are many different styles found below, but I promise, I created them all.

The Dance
48" x 72" Acrylic on Canvas (apx. 1991) SOLD

My Uncle Ronnie in a classic James Dean pose.
18" 36"  Acrylic on Canvas (apx. 1991) GIFT

24 x 30 Oil on Canvas (2009) Commission piece.

The Following Painting were created for friends' nurseries.
The 3 Classic Pooh Paintings are a Triptych and are hung together.  (On each piece there is a note on back stating that this is not my original characters, I am paying homage to E.H. Shepard's drawings of A.A. Milne's Characters)
Tigger goes on the left.

Pooh and Piglet are in the center, and on a larger canvas.

Eeyore is on the right.

My friend had a mural on her own nursery wall of Pooh with a Red Balloon.
When we found out she was having a boy,
 I decided to paint her a small painting just like her mural, but Pooh has a blue balloon.
(surrounded by bees, just like in the book.)

This drawing and the one beneath were sketches I drew while deciding what I was going to paint for the nursery.
The mother collects Pooh memorabilia, and the father collects Piglet, so this was very special for them.

This little monkey was created for another friend's nursery.
She just needed a little piece, and this little monkey had such personality he brought the wall to life.

The next couple of paintings were created early in 2010 for an auction to raise money for the art department of a local school.
They were the first pieces I created that showed a small slice of how a vertigo attack feels. 
 (I'm sorry the photos are not as clear as the originals.  Luckily, both of these pieces were the first to sell, so I'm afraid I won't be able to get better photos.)

Vestibular Magma
Acrylic and Ink on Paper 8 x 10
(a resist was put on the paper for the white areas, then ink was applied for the black areas)

Chilled Disequilibrium
Acrylic and Ink on Paper 8" x 10"

I designed the stained glass windows for these doors
while working for Custom Glass and Doors (CGD) in Raleigh, NC
(I created many windows while I was there, this is one of my favorites, all rights belong to CGD)

The following section is Fused Glass pieces I created in 2004 and 2005.  There are some newer pieces I've created, but I'm afraid I don't have photos of them.
Fused Glass Self Portrait
(The little metal pieces are hooks to hang these on the wall.)

Fused Glass portrait of my husband.

Fused Glass Belt Buckle
(A gift for my father in law.)

Fused Glass Red Bowl
apx. 14" in diameter 

Red Bowl Detail

Fused Scrap Iridescent Glass Bowl
Apx. 8" in dia.

Fused glass bowl formed on drop out ring.  On Iron stand.
 Purple and Blue swirled glass.

Confetti Glass Draped Fused Glass Vase.
apx. 10" in height