Monday, August 6, 2012

Has it really been that long since I last posted here?

This whole site looks different too.  I've really been out of the loop.
I must say the Meniere's ran my life for quite a while there.

On the 19th I had surgery to ger a Cochlear Implant.  On the 31st, I received the processor.  I have quite a bit of hearing therapy to go through.  I can hear words, but people need to talk slower, and everyone sounds like a strange cartoon character, or like they just huffed helium.  It's odd, but I'm making headway already.

Thought I'd post a few things I've done while I was gone.  Not everything....just a few.
I need to get back in tuned with my creative side to help my emotional and physical side.
My husband and I were taking a ASL (American Sign Language) class.  I decided to surprise him with this message on our chalk board.

 The message says, "I Love You. Stuart"  Sorry it's so pale, I hope you can see it.

My 2012 Book of Days Journal.  It's hard to see the details, it shimmers all over.

The January Introduction Page.

An illustration that went with an entry.  This book now has many secrets, drawings, and simple subjects of life.

I draw sill cartoon people while watching TV.  I admit, I watch a lot of cartoons.  This drawing is part of two characters.

Just a Silly drawing.  I had some swirls on the page and made them into her!

Another character from a cartoon.

I bought some inks.  This is the first attempt at coloring with inks.  Yes, I have a lot to learn.  But it was fun.  I love the transparency of the inks.

I really hope to be doing more art to share.  I am creating, not as much as I'd like but I have been creating.  However, I'm not having as much vertigo now, and it's much easier to create when your head isn't spinning.  : )
Right now I'm reading - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  I have a very old edition, I wonder what the new edition is like?  I'll be posting some of the exercises I complete from that book soon.

Have a creative day.

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