Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween, my favorite holiday!  Unfortunately, this year we haven't been able to celebrate or decorate like we normally do.

So I did a couple of silly little drawings to celebrate the occassion:
The Trick or Trick Monster

Scaredy Cat
This was drawn on paper with ink, colored in Photoshop.
I hope everyone is having a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Tomorrow starts NaBloPoMo month.  (National Blog Post Month)
I've decided to try and post every day in November.
This challenge is on BlogHer starting this year.  You can win prizes if you post every day, and you can enter as late as November 5th, but you must have post every day for the month of November.
If you'd like to join, go to:

I'm also participating in Art Every Day for the Month of November, hosted by Creative Every Day.
This is a much more laid back challenge.  You are not required to post every day, or even create something every single day, it is a challenge to at least work on something every day.  However, if you can't keep that up, it's alright, this challenge is simply to encourage people to create more!

You may get very tired of me this month, but I hope not.

Tomorrow I will be posting the final design of the card for my Father-In-Law and his future bride.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Little Different - Lucky Lucy

Lucky Lucy
After having a very good day, and re-reading The Little Endless by Jill Thompson, I was in a whimsical spirit, so I drew Lucky Lucy.

If you've seen Jill Thompson's Little Endless characters, you will probably see a resemblance.  Lucy is kind of a mixture between Delirium and Death.  (I know if you haven't heard of the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, or know anything about the Endless, you are probably pretty lost by now.)  I won't go into detail about the Sandman series, and the Endless.  If you are interested, I'm sure you can find out more.  : )

So Lucky Lucy was born.
I had a pretty "normal" day yesterday, today I'm back in bed, but it's rainy and cold today, so I'm not feeling my best.  (this weather triggers both migraines and Meniere's...double whammy!)

Here's hoping Lucky Lucy will bring more luck my way and I'll have many more "normal" days ahead.

This post is linked to Web of Whimsy .

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Posts for the Week. Much more than I thought!

When I thought about posting this week, I kept thinking...I really haven't done much.  But I was wrong!

No I haven't completed a lot.  I've been writing in my journal much more.  And I'm recuperating from a minor surgery on Wednesday.

So this post is full of little sketches, partially finished drawings that will hopefully become more, and a lot of hearts...yes, hearts...I'm trying to come up with a good design for a card for my father-in-law's up coming wedding.   I would love to hear if you like any of them...all need work, but I think some have possibilities.  Remember, this couple is in their 70's, so some things that I might normally do, just wouldn't work.

So a lot of here and there this week, but it shows that I'm still determined to create.  It really does help me get some emotions out, and to feel like I have a goal.  I believe it is so very important for a person who has a chronic illness that has taken so much of their previous ("normal") life away, we must find goals we can accomplish, and look at things a different way.  Even when you have to take things just one day at a time, you can still look to the future.  My future is often just tomorrow, or even a few hours, but it's my future, and I'll get there.  One goal at a time.

The drawings in this post couldn't be scanned, so I took pictures instead.  (many are from my journal and it won't lie flat.  Other's are from a large sketch pad that doesn't fit in the scanner.)

From my journal.  Feeling lonely.

Journal Sketch.  I tried to write a poem about my pain but it just wouldn't come.

Journal Sketch.  All about the Lumbar Punctures and Cerebrospinal Fluid Patches.
Notice the CT scan, the needles, pills, and the maze I'm trying to get out of..
Also, you might see, that I drew a broken heart, but changed it.  It's not broken, just cracked a little.

Journal Sketch.

More sketches while journaling.

yes, another journal sketch.  Perhaps I'll finish this one.
Maybe not.

Journal Sketch number??? At first I was trying to figure out how to draw a vortex, or something like it to add to a journal entry.
Then I got that freaky looking eye, in the upper right.
Which led to the other freaky eyes and such.
Stuart says it looks like a tree man. (he loves the eyes, such a funny man)

OK, I told you I did a log of writing in my journal this week.
And while I'm mind wanders, or I need to clear out the cobwebs, so I doodle.

And doodle some more.
This looks kike a really neat lady, didn't finish her middle, but she was supposed to represent my feelings about binging on any food I could find that night.  But she doesn't look miserable, like I did, she looks fun.
Does that tell me something??  

Now we are into some sill sketches.
I decided the heart I drew looked like a nose...he looks like a  pig with really big ears doesn't he?

and he led to these critters.

I must apologize this is out of focus, but my camera needed to be charged, and this  is too big for the scanner.
This is no where near finished.  Hopefully, I will someday.
It's going to be a strange forest...I think I was in Alice in Wonderland mode again.
Years ago, my husband brought me some water soluble crayons from Switzerland.  This picture looked like a crayon sketch...just add water...and what a difference.  (I think I used too much water though because it bleed a little)

Now, we start on the hearts.
Lots and lots of hearts, none of them finished.

Just because hearts are drawn close together doesn't mean they are to be put together.
These are all just sketches.  Most have not been shaded.
And the finished product will be colored.

Funny, I really thought there were even more hearts, but this is the last page.
The two in the upper right, are not meant to be together.  They just ran over each other.

Silly drawing.  Someone mentioned a whirly gig, and I came up with this.
Well, I started this, I never finished it, after all, a whirly-gig just calls out for color.
And I don't think it should have a large tentacled arm....but he just popped up.

Another doodle, just a doodle.  The stars, moon, sun,  rain, wind, earth, and life (plants).
Just a day inside my brain.

Another unfinished piece...this one may never get finished.
 Things went a bit sideways, and now I just don't like it as much.

This will get finished.
I'm making this for my neuroradiologist, because even if this doesn't work, she gave me hope.
This will have color, so you will see the word better after everything is colored in.

This post has been shared on Creative Every Day.

That's all for this week folks.  Hopefully, I'll get back to my ladies this coming week.
But it doesn't really matter what I'm drawing, as long as I'm accomplishing something.

One day at a time.

Oh and a shout out to my Fish Friends.  (you know who you are.)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ladies - in progress...

I was visiting Sandy Coleman's Blog, Creations By Coleman, her paintings are often of women.  Women who have such passion, emotion, empowerment...they moved me.   Sandy's paintings are the inspiration for the ladies I've been working on for the past week.  Please, go by her blog and see her beautiful creations.  Be inspired, or just enjoy the view.

These are works in progress, but I thought I'd share them with you now..

There will be 3 versions of each.  A first version, completely in ink.  A second version, ink with hand coloring, and a third version, colored with Photoshop.

Here's my Nature Lady, in her ink version, that still needs to be cleaned up, and perhaps some added to it.
Nature Lady - Ink

Here's the Nature Lady in her Photoshop colored version.
(I haven't started the hand colored version yet.)
Nature - Colored in Photoshop
After looking at the Photoshop version here, I can see a couple of changes I'd like to make.
So look for an updated version soon.  

The next lady is Freedom.  When I started her I was thinking about how I often feel imprisoned (in my own home, by my own body...).  It's a nice prison.  But even the nicest prison is still a prison.    

Freedom - Ink

As always, I appreciate any feedback.  
And thanks for visiting.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interviewing ME!

Amy over at Butterscape wanted to interview her readers, and since I've been reading her lately...

answer to #2 - yeah, got to be the eyes.

Here's my interview:

1. what is your name and stuff? and any other good information. like bank account details.
My name is Wendy - middle name Gail....yes, my name sounds like a crazy storm!  And I am!
I read voraciously...
I need to isn't something I can choose to do is a need, not a desire.
I am a lucky woman, I have a husband who is hot, supportive, loving, kind...a friend once described him as a lesbian in a man's body.  Guess I get the best of both worlds.  
We have 2 furry children.  Sandy who is a teenager! (which really means she's a very old dog, but acts like she's not.)  And Max, the cat with many claws (he's polydactyl) and his body fits his very large feet!  A clumsy cat.

Bank Account details....Hubby.

2. what is super hot about you?  <--- don't you Dare skip this one.  answer it.

Well, let's see...there is so much...after all, just like the song...I'm Fabulous!
 (If you watched Phineas and Ferb you would get that).  
I've always liked my eyes. Hubby would say...boobs!   I must admit for a 48 year old woman, I do have a nice rack.   All I really know is, after 10 years of being together, my husband still thinks I'm the hottest thing let's not wake him from that fantasy....OK?

3.  don't lie or cheat: what is under your couch right now?
Probably nothing.  We recently cleaned.
Could be a plate - the dog licks it (don't you dare say gross...they are washed afterward...she's 19 and has cancer, she can have whatever she wants!)  Anyway...some always seem to end up under the couch.
I wish, it was 3 forks...I'm missing 3 can you just lose 3 forks?

4.  when was the last time you shaved your legs?
Monday - I had a medical procedure on Tuesday, and didn't want to be hairy.
Then I didn't even have to take my pants off...go figure!

5.  what did you have for breakfast?
This morning...well, I had insomnia last night...OK, really I was sick. So I didn't get to sleep until after 5am.
So I woke up after 1pm...I had lunch.  Chicken and Spinach.

6. if you could choose a new name, what would you name yourself?
I actually like my name...hey, I'm a natural disaster...a force to be reckoned with...I am Wendy Gail (yeah, I know it's spelled differently...but just listen to the words...and think...Man, she is full of hot air!

7.  have you ever had plastic surgery?
No, but I've had my share of regular surgery.
I'm not vain enough to hurt for beauty.

8. are you afraid of the dark?
Ummm...sometimes....I really try to never be in complete darkness.
I have a vestibular disorder, so I can't tell which way is up, down, the dark.
I prefer the dim.  I get lost in the dark.

9. are you a hermit?
Yes, probably, but sometimes not by choice.

10.  why do you blog?
It is a release.  I started blogging when I found out I had food intolerances, wanted to keep up with what I could eat and help others deal with it....then I got very sick with Meniere's Disease +plus some other stuff, but the Meniere's was kicking my ass.  I needed support, and couldn't find I reached out...and found a life line.  Now, I help others, they help's a great give and take.

Also, I have this blog, where I talk about how much art is helping me deal with having a Chronic Illness.

so why do I blog?  
In a way, it's therapy.
OK, the real answer -I like to talk - I probably talk too much....when you are a hermit,
 how else do you get to talk so much?
You blog!

The End.

If you want to start reading Amy's blog and be interviewed...check it out!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miss Sad Mad

Yesterday, I had a lumbar puncture, but when I arrived for my appointment, I was told my appointment was on the 17th, not the 11th.  My husband explained that the doctor called us and told us she had a cancellation, and she could see us earlier.  (On the 11th!)

I was not in the emotional state to really take this news well.  While they were trying to figure everything out, we waited in the waiting area, and I created my Inner Voice:

Miss Sad Mad - my Inner Self...for a moment.

As you can tell, this woman is mad! She's gnashing her teeth, and sparks are flying from her head!  I would not want to get in her way!  Then look in the eyes, she looks so sad.  I feel sorry for her.

I'm so glad I have a way to express myself without letting Miss Sad Mad loose on the world.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sketches from Sept. 28th - October 9th.

**Yes, I have been playing around with my blog...and I'm sure I'm not finished yet.  If you visited on Sunday right after this was originally posted, you probably saw a number a different looks.
Please, bear with me, I'm fickle lately.  : )

Before I post the things I've been working on, I'd like to make sure everyone notices the the new tab at the top of the blog: Gallery Of My Older Work.  For those of you who have been curious about what I was doing before I got sick and took a long hiatus from creating art, I posted some pictures of a sampling from those years.  This is not complete.  It doesn't include any of my photography, I may do that later.  However, I think you will find it interesting.  I was surprised to find how many patterns I included in a lot of my old work.

Now, on to what I've been doing the last 11 days.  I am happy to say, I have created something every day!  Yes, I'm still bed bound, so I'm limited in my mediums.  One day, I'll branch out and work on some more art that is releasing.  (like collages, and masks....things we can do to express more of our feelings.)

September 28th - October 9th

Another Journal Entry...
I missed another friend's birthday party.
I miss my friends. That has been the hardest part about dealing with being ill.

Hubby said this should be named Cthulhu...that started cracks about Krakens...and all kinds of creatures.  Until, I shouted, "Help, a Kraken ate my Dingo!"  Then we cracked up, and even though my head was hurting, and I was dizzy, it was a good time.
 (It's the little things that get you through the day.)

A variety of sketches.
Much of my sketch book looks something like this, or a bit less refined.  I have shaved you from the more messy variations.

Another Sketch.  I like Round things.

More Roundness.

Rough Sketch, trying out some new things, and combinations.

These were inspired by Henna Tattoos.

I could not figure out if this was finished, or what else I might like to do with it.  may play with some color...I just don't know....but that's the way it is least for me.

My hubby, Stuart, loves these big bulbous designs, so I decided to make one just for him!  There is not bottom or top, but he likes it this way.
I just squiggled some lines on the page and filled them in.
But that's the way a lot of these designs start.

Lady with the Wild Hair.
What is she looking at?

My first lady drawing with patterns.
I call her Cheeks.

My image of ME.

I awoke from a dream thinking about this, scrbbled on a piece of paper I keep by my bed.  "Eye"
I drew the eye first, then added things.  At first, I really didn't think this was going to work, but now...I really like it.
While I was drawing this I was thinking about how much I have insomnia lately, and want to enter the dream word that beckons me.

Speaking of insomnia, I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, and this idea came to me.  I had to draw it right then!
I turned on the light and got busy.
This window is very representational of how I feel about things right now.
The upper left represents how the vertigo (and my illness in general) makes me feel like a prisoner.
The lower left, represents how tangled my emotions are.
The lower right, shows a ball breaking out of the window.  This represents my attempts to break away from being defined by my illness, and fighting to get better.
The upper right, represents the liberation I'm feeling lately.
I feel more confident, more productive....  
I realized recently that as much as I've been an advocate for myself in the medical world, 
I wasn't taking up for myself in the real world.

This is one of my most favorite pieces, because it has so much of me in it.
Finally, I'm realizing, 
I do love me, no matter how my body is treating me.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zentangle or NeoPopRealism?

NeoPopRealism was created by Nadia Russ in 1989.
Zentangle was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in (well, I haven't been able to find an exact date, but it looks like it was around 2004.  Their first newsletter came out in December 2005.  I've emailed them to ask.)  **Update: Here's the email reply I received.
Hi Wendy,

Thanks for asking. Our first public presentation of Zentangle was at a lettering arts conference (IAMPETH) in Providence, RI in July of 2004. I think the idea for Zentangle came to us sometime in the fall of 2003.


Rick (and Maria)

On it says:
"The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at"

Please see Nadia Russ's website for more information.  Below are quotes and a photo from her website:  (Please note I believe this has been translated from Russian, so forgive the gramatical errors)
"In 1989, Nadia Russ (aka Nadejda Maloletneva) invented art form that helps to relax, it was like yoga for her brain. Very sensitive and emotional, Nadia Russ was trying to get rid of her stress and frustration when something in her life was going wrong. But wrong was, then in 1989 and a few more years, almost everything. Nadia Russ used paper and ink pen. She was drawing the lines, which were turning into different shapes, figures, faces. Sections that appeared, she was filling with the different repetitive patterns. Nadia never used eraser. If she made a mistake, it was disappearing because of the following patterns that balanced the whole composition.  When she draw these patterns, her brain was relaxing because this drawing is like meditation. It gave her double positive result - she had a unique original art piece plus she felt relaxed. Nadia Russ uses this art form till today, in her ink drawings and canvas pieces. In 2003, she created a word NeoPopRealism and manifested new style of visual arts. The artworks of Nadia Russ where she uses the line and repetitive patterns are now in different museums' permanent art collections worldwide. "

Please look at's article (The Beginning...) for even more information.  (they have permission to reprint more of Nadia Russ's work, and her story.  (It states that Nadia was not aware of Zentangle until June 2011)

What do you think about this?
Is Zentangle original? 

I really don't know.  I think the business idea is original, putting it all together as teaching formula has been helpful to many.

The art of doodling...well, I think that's been around for much longer than either of these artists.  

I'm enjoying both.   And I truly hope that Rick and Maria knew nothing about Nadia Russ when they started this.  If Nadia didn't know about Zentangle until June 2011, why should we think that Rick and Maria knew about Nadia in 2003?  

It says on the Zentangle website, that I must state that my artwork that I've created using patterns since discovering their art form is "Zentangle Inspired Art". 

I created this drawing while in college...I think it was 1991 or 1992.  (I graduated in 1993)
What do you think this should be called?  NeoPopRealism?  Zentangle Inspired Art?
At the time of this creation, I had not heard of either.
It was simply a design.  One that I happen to love! (Note, it was all drawn exclusively with a dip ink pen.  Not, these fancy markers the artist are using now.)

I'm not saying either art form is bad, or wrong, or plagiarized.  I'm simply putting this out there for you to think about.

Have a great day!
and find an art form that can make you feel meditative!