Monday, November 28, 2011

Please Forgive the Lapse in Posting...and thank you Judy!!

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting lately.

I've been dealing with some major issues with the Meniere's Disease.  Vertigo nearly every day, has severely limited what I can do.  I have drawn some, worked on some things in progress, ect....but I need to scan them, and that I haven't gotten to.

I'm having Surgery on Thursday, December 1st.  This surgery will hopefully help with the vertigo.  If it doesn't stop it, it will at least hopefully slow it down quite a bit.

Judy Westerfield

I would like to thank Judy Westerfield and Max over at Creativity to the Max, for the encouragement and healing wishes, and for putting up a post featuring Mr. Notgoodenuf, you may remember him from a previous post.

Here is a link to her post.  She is the therapist who suggested this exercise, so hearing her take on Mr. Notgoodenuf, was thrilling.

I promise to post some of my recent work soon...very soon...I don't feel I've been as prolific as I was being, but I've made some strides, and some set backs, but that just shows I still have much to learn.   And I'm going to have fun doing it!!!

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Beautiful Day!

Today I had a really good day.  Minimal headache, minimal pain, minimal balance issues...a really good day.

I took my lunch out on our back porch and enjoyed the nice weather (70's F, with a breeze).  Hubby was getting the last few things that our garden produced.  Some catnip for Max the cat, some hot peppers, and one last tiny leak.  There's still a little bit of arugula, but not enough to do anything with.  Perhaps if I buy some salad greens I'll mix it in.  Unfortunately, our garden didn't do much this year.  Shortly after we planted, and things started growing, I got sicker.  So it didn't get watered, or taken care of much at all.  We did get a number of tomatoes, a bunch of potatoes and shallots....but that's about it.  (other than herbs, the herbs did well.  Now it's drying time.)

While I was sitting out enjoying the great weather, there was a gust of wind and a whirlwind of leaves came blowing off the trees, it was beautiful.  They were dancing through the sky, their last waltz.  I had a giggle.

I came in and created this.  A little sketch on Photoshop.  It really doesn't do the scene justice, but it makes me feel good inside from the memories.
The Last Dance.
Leaves blowing in the wind.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

AEDM - Catching up. Days 6 - 13

I really have been doing some kind of art work every day, but I haven't been well enough to scan it and post about it.  Today, I'll be catching you up on what I've been doing

November 6th
Started Coloring this Hope design, afraid the word is getting lost.
I think this may just be too busy. 

Design Nov. 6th

Design Nov. 7th
Exploring Paisley.

2nd Design Nov. 7th
A bit different from my normal designs.
I like part of it, but not all of it.
However, I do like the more simplistic elements of this design.

Design Nov. 8th
Discovering Blue Ink.
Colored inks seem to look better on this off white paper.

Design Nov. 9th
Not crazy about how this turned out.  I like it better before I colored in the circular area.

Design Nov. 10th
Another exploration with Paisley.

Design Nov. 11th
Originally this was going to say "Respect", I made the letters too big for the paper.
I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I thought Rest would be a good reminder for me.

2nd Design Nov. 11th
This is a bit different for me, just plain and straight forward.
However, the red makes it look a bit angry, that wasn't what I was going for.
I'll try again for a better Strength design.

Design Nov. 12th
Just started doodling, and this came out.
I like this one, reminds me of a Sepia Toned print.
Reminiscent of the Art Deco period.

Today, Nov. 13th, I had a horrible migraine,
and the tinnitus coming from my left ear was so very loud.
I drew how I was feeling.
Not a pretty picture, but it made me feel better to get it out.
This post is part of Art Every Day Month.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

AEDM 5 - Letting go of the Inner Critic

My friend Judith Westerfield has a wonderful blog called Creativity to the Max.
Judy is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnosis and Guided Imagery Therapist.
She teaches workshops in Creative Therapeutic Expression.  (I wish I lived close enough to attend them!)

Luckily for us she has a page on her blog for Tutorials.  I love going to her Tutorials page and letting myself go.
Last night I worked on Funsson Lesson #1.
Getting Rid my INNERTIC (Inner + Critic = Innertic) - 

For detailed instructions please see Judith's Tutorial you'll find lot's of other creative endeavors you can work on.

First she gives you instructions on how to create your INNERTIC, then comes the therapeutic part....

This is my INNERTIC:
My Innertic, "Mr. Notgoodenuf"
With messages I have for him written all around.
When you finish drawing out your Innertic, you finish it off.  First tell it off!  Write words and phrases that you want to tell your inner critic...hurt his feelings - make him leave you alone.

Next you destroy him!  That's right, scribble all over him, tear him up, heck...feed him to a goat!  (not one of Judith's suggestions, but if I had a goat that's what I'd do.)  
Get rid of your Innertic.

If he starts coming around again...repeat this exercise.

Free yourself from your inner critic!

This post is part of Art Every Day Month and NaBloPoMo..

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mystery Lady continues. AEDM #4

I had a very bad day yesterday physically, so I didn't get to do much art work.

I've added a little to the Mystery Lady....

Background created in Photoshop

Mystery Lady Sketch added to Background.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art Every Day #3 Mystery Lady Begins

I've begun a drawing of a Mystery Lady.  I still need to color her, and clean her up.
Here she is so far:

sketch and outline of Mystery Lady

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Art Every Day #2 - Doodles

Today is day 2 of Art Every Day Month, and many other challenges for the month...
Whew! November is a busy month.

Shells Doodle
Learning to draw in Photoshop on my Wacom Bamboo tablet.
Repeating Circles...just for fun

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hearts Card Design - Art Every Day #1

On November 5th, my father-in-law is getting married.  We are thrilled for him and his bride.
I find it so heart warming that these two found each other.  Both are in their 70's, both lost their spouses about 7 years ago.  Here's to you, John and Margaret!!

I won't bore you with the many, many designs I went through trying to create the perfect card.  Of course, I still don't feel like it's perfect, but the wedding is soon, and hubby likes it, so it's a go!

I created the same card in color and in Black and White, we both liked the colored version, but it didn't print well, (I colored it with Photoshop, and we need to get some ink for our printer.), and we thought the Black and White was classier so we went with that.  Here's both:
Two Hearts - Black and White

Two Hearts - Color

Feedback is always encouraged and appreciated.

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