Monday, November 28, 2011

Please Forgive the Lapse in Posting...and thank you Judy!!

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting lately.

I've been dealing with some major issues with the Meniere's Disease.  Vertigo nearly every day, has severely limited what I can do.  I have drawn some, worked on some things in progress, ect....but I need to scan them, and that I haven't gotten to.

I'm having Surgery on Thursday, December 1st.  This surgery will hopefully help with the vertigo.  If it doesn't stop it, it will at least hopefully slow it down quite a bit.

Judy Westerfield

I would like to thank Judy Westerfield and Max over at Creativity to the Max, for the encouragement and healing wishes, and for putting up a post featuring Mr. Notgoodenuf, you may remember him from a previous post.

Here is a link to her post.  She is the therapist who suggested this exercise, so hearing her take on Mr. Notgoodenuf, was thrilling.

I promise to post some of my recent work soon...very soon...I don't feel I've been as prolific as I was being, but I've made some strides, and some set backs, but that just shows I still have much to learn.   And I'm going to have fun doing it!!!

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season.


  1. Love, prayers, and hugs!! This surgery will help as much as the last one, or more! Positive energy! Good thoughts! All sent your way. :):)

  2. Well my goodness. I just read the section on Meniere's and I can't even imagine! I had my first (and last, I hope!) attack of severe vertigo one morning about 3 years ago out of the blue. I woke up, sat up, and immediately the room started spinning.

    It ended up, after an ambulance visit and some panicking (which I almost never do!), that I had an ear infection, and I got some medication in case it came back. (It did, but much more mildly.)

    All I can say is that you are in remarkably good spirits for someone suffering with this thing. It's great that you finally have good people doing what they can and I hope you feel better and post more art soon! Hope your holidays are fun!

    And of course thank you for the very kind comments over at my place!

  3. Hope your surgery goes well, and the recovery time is short. Sending you (((((hugs))))) and healing thoughts.


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