Monday, November 14, 2011

A Beautiful Day!

Today I had a really good day.  Minimal headache, minimal pain, minimal balance issues...a really good day.

I took my lunch out on our back porch and enjoyed the nice weather (70's F, with a breeze).  Hubby was getting the last few things that our garden produced.  Some catnip for Max the cat, some hot peppers, and one last tiny leak.  There's still a little bit of arugula, but not enough to do anything with.  Perhaps if I buy some salad greens I'll mix it in.  Unfortunately, our garden didn't do much this year.  Shortly after we planted, and things started growing, I got sicker.  So it didn't get watered, or taken care of much at all.  We did get a number of tomatoes, a bunch of potatoes and shallots....but that's about it.  (other than herbs, the herbs did well.  Now it's drying time.)

While I was sitting out enjoying the great weather, there was a gust of wind and a whirlwind of leaves came blowing off the trees, it was beautiful.  They were dancing through the sky, their last waltz.  I had a giggle.

I came in and created this.  A little sketch on Photoshop.  It really doesn't do the scene justice, but it makes me feel good inside from the memories.
The Last Dance.
Leaves blowing in the wind.


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better! And I love your description of the leaves and the picture you made, too. Have a great pain-free Wednesday! :)

  2. Thank you Rita, unfortunately today I'm really paying for yesterday. I hurt all over! I really need to find out how to tell what my limits are...I seem to over extend myself way too much.


  3. The only thing that helps me is using a timer. Otherwise when I am having a good day I inevitably overdo it. If I limit my sessions to 45-60 minutes and spread them out over the day I can "usually" do something almost every day even if I am only good for one session on a bad day. Of course, the sessions include everything--LOL! Cooking, know, all the usual stuff. I hate when I get to feeling so miserable I am totally useless...but it happens sometimes.
    Take care. Be gentle with yourself. :):)

  4. So glad you had some good time yeaterday and were able to enjoy the outside. Hard to tell when "enough is enough" though isn't it?

    Pretty leaves!

  5. One good day . . . . Leaves room for more good days (pun intended --- grrrrrrrrrroan)
    So glad you got some fresh air!

  6. I like this picture. :) Also, my mom has a lot of ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) problems, along with being bipolar. I understand how frustrating it can be dealing with that, plus some. God makes everything better. I like both of your blogs and I'll mention your picture on my blog on tumblr. I like finding out new art to post on there.

  7. caitlambert,
    Thank you. I hope your mom is able to live a full life. you are right, it can be frustrating, that's a big reason I started this blog. Art is my way of coping. My day to day creating is not the same type of art I did before the meniere's got so advanced, but I can do it every day, no stress, and it makes me happy.
    no talent required. : )

    thank you for your interest and encouragement.


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