Saturday, November 5, 2011

AEDM 5 - Letting go of the Inner Critic

My friend Judith Westerfield has a wonderful blog called Creativity to the Max.
Judy is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnosis and Guided Imagery Therapist.
She teaches workshops in Creative Therapeutic Expression.  (I wish I lived close enough to attend them!)

Luckily for us she has a page on her blog for Tutorials.  I love going to her Tutorials page and letting myself go.
Last night I worked on Funsson Lesson #1.
Getting Rid my INNERTIC (Inner + Critic = Innertic) - 

For detailed instructions please see Judith's Tutorial you'll find lot's of other creative endeavors you can work on.

First she gives you instructions on how to create your INNERTIC, then comes the therapeutic part....

This is my INNERTIC:
My Innertic, "Mr. Notgoodenuf"
With messages I have for him written all around.
When you finish drawing out your Innertic, you finish it off.  First tell it off!  Write words and phrases that you want to tell your inner critic...hurt his feelings - make him leave you alone.

Next you destroy him!  That's right, scribble all over him, tear him up, heck...feed him to a goat!  (not one of Judith's suggestions, but if I had a goat that's what I'd do.)  
Get rid of your Innertic.

If he starts coming around again...repeat this exercise.

Free yourself from your inner critic!

This post is part of Art Every Day Month and NaBloPoMo..


  1. This is a great exercise. I read a long time ago about an elementary school teacher who had her students write a list of things starting with "I can't". Someone came into the room and said she wasn't happy the students were doing such a negative exercise. The teacher then explained that all the lists were going in a box that was to be buried, along with each "I can't" so that the students could focus on all of their "I can's".

  2. OK, this is too funny.

    The word verification for my other comment was "ranter".

    Is this a hint? Have I been ranting lately? Too funny.

  3. Maureen,
    No One! I repeat NO ONE rants as much as I do...I haven't felt you ranting..but you are welcome to.

  4. OMG! This really made me laugh! What a great exercise. I love yours with its bloodshot eyes and wild hair! I hope you tore it up into little pieces and burned it! Whoohoo!! Freedom! :)

  5. Rita thank you. It was refreshing....and just fun to do.
    I haven't torn him up yet...perhaps I will burn him...but to tell the truth, he makes me giggle so much when I see him, I may keep him a round for a while, just to make fun of! hahaha

  6. WENDY!
    Thank YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ENDORSEMENT, THE PUBLICITY and especially for Mr Nogudenuf, WHOOPS, Notgoodenuf, Sorry Sir.

    I'm going to repost your post which is better than my original post.
    Please ask Mr Notgoodenuf for permission to have his picture posted.

    It is a good idea to keep him around. I have a feeling he's just been hanging around to protect you. You may have to explain to him WHERE he needs to protect you - like from illusions you can be a football line-backer. I bet he'll be relieved to know he doesn't have to protect you everywhere.

    Let me know what he says.
    with love,

  7. Judy,
    Mr. Notgoodenuf, says you are welcome to use his likeness, and even likes the misspelling of his name! : )
    Now when he tells me I'm not good enough, I just laugh, and say, "what is your name again? I don't think that's MY NAME! You are the one who's Notgoodenuf! hahaha"
    He's learning he can't push me around any more!!

    love to you


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