Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sketches from Sept. 28th - October 9th.

**Yes, I have been playing around with my blog...and I'm sure I'm not finished yet.  If you visited on Sunday right after this was originally posted, you probably saw a number a different looks.
Please, bear with me, I'm fickle lately.  : )

Before I post the things I've been working on, I'd like to make sure everyone notices the the new tab at the top of the blog: Gallery Of My Older Work.  For those of you who have been curious about what I was doing before I got sick and took a long hiatus from creating art, I posted some pictures of a sampling from those years.  This is not complete.  It doesn't include any of my photography, I may do that later.  However, I think you will find it interesting.  I was surprised to find how many patterns I included in a lot of my old work.

Now, on to what I've been doing the last 11 days.  I am happy to say, I have created something every day!  Yes, I'm still bed bound, so I'm limited in my mediums.  One day, I'll branch out and work on some more art that is releasing.  (like collages, and masks....things we can do to express more of our feelings.)

September 28th - October 9th

Another Journal Entry...
I missed another friend's birthday party.
I miss my friends. That has been the hardest part about dealing with being ill.

Hubby said this should be named Cthulhu...that started cracks about Krakens...and all kinds of creatures.  Until, I shouted, "Help, a Kraken ate my Dingo!"  Then we cracked up, and even though my head was hurting, and I was dizzy, it was a good time.
 (It's the little things that get you through the day.)

A variety of sketches.
Much of my sketch book looks something like this, or a bit less refined.  I have shaved you from the more messy variations.

Another Sketch.  I like Round things.

More Roundness.

Rough Sketch, trying out some new things, and combinations.

These were inspired by Henna Tattoos.

I could not figure out if this was finished, or what else I might like to do with it.  may play with some color...I just don't know....but that's the way it is least for me.

My hubby, Stuart, loves these big bulbous designs, so I decided to make one just for him!  There is not bottom or top, but he likes it this way.
I just squiggled some lines on the page and filled them in.
But that's the way a lot of these designs start.

Lady with the Wild Hair.
What is she looking at?

My first lady drawing with patterns.
I call her Cheeks.

My image of ME.

I awoke from a dream thinking about this, scrbbled on a piece of paper I keep by my bed.  "Eye"
I drew the eye first, then added things.  At first, I really didn't think this was going to work, but now...I really like it.
While I was drawing this I was thinking about how much I have insomnia lately, and want to enter the dream word that beckons me.

Speaking of insomnia, I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep, and this idea came to me.  I had to draw it right then!
I turned on the light and got busy.
This window is very representational of how I feel about things right now.
The upper left represents how the vertigo (and my illness in general) makes me feel like a prisoner.
The lower left, represents how tangled my emotions are.
The lower right, shows a ball breaking out of the window.  This represents my attempts to break away from being defined by my illness, and fighting to get better.
The upper right, represents the liberation I'm feeling lately.
I feel more confident, more productive....  
I realized recently that as much as I've been an advocate for myself in the medical world, 
I wasn't taking up for myself in the real world.

This is one of my most favorite pieces, because it has so much of me in it.
Finally, I'm realizing, 
I do love me, no matter how my body is treating me.


  1. Wendy, Your drawings are supercalifrageliciousexpealidocious! So much better and more interesting than any "Zentangle" that I have seen on-line!. Yours have so much energy and movement...I really love them. Those ladies are great! Keep drawing, I, for one love looking at your art.

  2. Thank you Mo!
    You are a great supporter! I love the encouragement.
    (a friend saw these and is trying to set up me having a show in a little book store...but wouldn't that be cool? the book store is owned by a psychiatrist, so I think the story behind my artwork would be very interesting there.
    thanks a ton

  3. Wow Wendy - you've created an amazing amount of beauty. And although understandably limited material wise because of being bedbound (been there; you have my empathy) it has not limited your imagination or the beautiful variety you've produced! Fab! I like them all but especially like the pattern ladies & the eye doodle. Eyes are interesting and have featured in some of my doodles but this one of yours is exceptional!

    My TIC TOCC challenge this week was a doodling one. If you fancy joining in you'll find links from today's post & the Wright Story Extra tab at the top of my blog.

    Sending lots of healing & strength your way.

    Kat :-) X (visiting from CED)

  4. Oh and I've just enjoyed looking at your gallery of past work. You have so much talent - thanks for sharing!
    Kat :-)X

  5. Your drawing skills are impressive! Your single eye is my favorite with all the details and the swirls. Wow!

  6. Wow Wendy, These are 'Delicious' drawings!! I love them all but my fave is the bulbous one you made for your husband. Thank you for your comment on my dragonfly. Clare.


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