Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miss Sad Mad

Yesterday, I had a lumbar puncture, but when I arrived for my appointment, I was told my appointment was on the 17th, not the 11th.  My husband explained that the doctor called us and told us she had a cancellation, and she could see us earlier.  (On the 11th!)

I was not in the emotional state to really take this news well.  While they were trying to figure everything out, we waited in the waiting area, and I created my Inner Voice:

Miss Sad Mad - my Inner Self...for a moment.

As you can tell, this woman is mad! She's gnashing her teeth, and sparks are flying from her head!  I would not want to get in her way!  Then look in the eyes, she looks so sad.  I feel sorry for her.

I'm so glad I have a way to express myself without letting Miss Sad Mad loose on the world.


  1. Hi,

    Sorry that your appointment didn't work out when you wanted it. Good luck with your real appointment, the one that was really meant for you to have.

  2. Ask Miss Sad Mad to write pages of stacked writing. Tell her that no one will ever know what she wrote so she can say ANYTHING she wants.
    Please tell her that I think her hairdo is stunning.
    XXX J.
    P.S. I think Miss Sad Mad needs to change her name because the initials S & M conjure up images she might not want!
    - possibly to Miss MadSad - then she can be Miss Ms!

  3. Ah, but Judy,
    Miss Sad Mad, may like that image...she likes mystery, and making people think things...that might make them go...eww...or huh?
    oh yes. she is a devious woman...but she can also be a bit silly...with a whip in hand of course.
    : )

  4. Sandy,
    The appointment did work out, I got in...rather late, but got in, to have the lumbar puncture.
    However, I will be going back in soon for another apt....I really should get a discount card. Get so many LP's then get one free...I would be there soon!

    thanks for the good wishes.


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