Saturday, February 25, 2012

Starting...a little Fairy

This is supposed to be a surprise for a friend.  Actually, 2 friends, they don't know each other, each likes fairy's so they were both being thought of when I started her.  So I wasn't going to post her until I finished her and gave her to these two special people.  But she's been sitting around for a while now just waiting for me to make up my mind what to do next.

She doesn't understand that my eyes aren't quite focusing properly, and my head hurts a lot, she just wants to be beautiful and spread her loving coyness to those for whom she is intended.

So at this point, she's a gift for all of you.  She isn't finished...but she's getting there.

(To V:  I know...I said I don't draw fairies...but I love you.)

To a few artists out there, you may see this fairy and think...hey she looks like a fairy I drew, and you are probably right.  Sorry.  I looked at a LOT of fairy drawings to come up with this little lady. Unfortunately I didn't keep up with all of you.  If you notice your style hidden in her, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know.  I promise, it's meant as a compliment!!!  I did not mean to copy any work.

For Phylor and Vincent.
You will have a finished version at some point, I promise!


  1. Guess that's a project I need to take on. I am always saying how no one ever does male fairies, but I haven't either. Actually this color pencil drawing I started might be just right for a fairy. So far it's all background.

  2. She's a darling fairy -- looks just like the artist

    1. Looks like me? I wish! Though someone else said she is, "Beautiful and shy. Smiling but hiding pain. There's much of you in her."

      I've never thought of myself as shy...and not beautiful for a long least on the outside...but I'm working on seeing it again!

      Since this fairy was created with him in mind, I'm glad he likes it.

      and I'm glad you do too.

  3. I love her little toes!

    1. still working on getting the toes just right, as with the hands, they are technically right, but I think my pencil was too think so they look a bit harsh.
      but do you know how hard it is to draw feet at that angle?
      Of course, that is what I just had to do once I saw once certain fairy or woman sitting like that..I really can't remember who.
      I should keep up with things like that.
      I'm glad you like her toes.

  4. Oh, Wendy! You made me cry, dear. She's beautiful and I want to know her better. Thank you very much!

    1. I'm glad you are fond of her my dear. I also look forward to knowing her better.
      love you.w

  5. CRH - Oh Yes! male fairies are very under rated! One of the recipients of this fairy is very fond of lady fairies so she had to be a lady.
    I am thinking, I am going to draw up another one for the other recipient. I just can't see the two being the same color. This little lady must be in warm colors...mostly oranges, with red undertones, and yellow highlights.
    But I think Phylor's fairy should be green..and sparkly...a woodland creature...perhaps a pixie not a fairy.

    more thinking...need to be more drawng.
    : )

  6. I am so very honoured to be the recipient of your fairy! She is wonderful! And, even under less than great health conditions, you are a great artist and creative person. Thank you so much and l like the idea of sparkly and woodlandish. She will no doubt give you the inspiration to chose the colours. Thanks so much! I wish I could draw something in return.

    1. Oh my dear, your comment got lost in my inbox full of blogs to read, advertisements and various emails I just don't want to look at.
      Ah...if I could get over my rage when I feel so shut out and pushed away from family and friends when I'm spending days in bed and wishing the world would end. Today...I hate them all! It' snot fair I know..but then I have my dear loves like you.
      This little fairy has been whispering to me, and I believe she may have a very close to her, but a little different. She speaks in the night, as she sits by my bed. She has given me a must give me a sister, a woodland maiden who lives with the mushrooms, and is friends with the pixies and brownies....Oh please, she will be ever so sweet...the complete opposite of me. (I don't think I'm supposed to hear this last part.)
      Ah but she does call for reds and oranges, with tinges of yellow all around.

      her sister shall have longer hair, and will know all the shadows but embraces the sun. she catches the rain, and makes pools for the little ones. She is full of love, and light...and knows the dark very well.

      A little longer, I promise.....just a little longer.

  7. Not sure what happened to my comment -- maybe it's waiting for approval, or maybe it's just stubborn and disappeared. (That's been happening recently)
    Wanted to say that the fairy is fantastic -- thank you so very much for thinking of me and creating such a wonderful creature. Sparkly and woodlandish sound good, but she may take you in other directions -- fairies are known for this, :)
    Thanks again -- and if this comment is a repeat, choose the one you like best :)

  8. I'm not into fairies, but she is really cute! I'm sure they'll love getting her when she's finished. And if they are friends they will understand waiting until you are up to finishing her. :) :)

    1. Yep Rita, you wouldn't believe how many people have asked me to draw fairies in the past, I've always said.. I don't do fairies. After all, aren't there enough people drawing fairies out there?
      But these two are special, one has asked before and got my standard answer, but he has been a true friend through all of this. I've lost so many. The other, has needed inspiration, and has encouraged me without knowing it. She deserves a fairy, because she is one.

      love and light.


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