Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sandy - Art Rage trial

Today I've been playing around with Artrage Studio, I saw it mentioned on someone's blog (I'm sorry I don't remember where.)  It has a 30 day free trial so I thought I'd give it a try.

It's fun, but I have to admit I'm really not a computer artist.  I just can't seem to master the control, or the blending, or shading...and heck, I really like the tactile sensations I get from my art supplies. 

Here's what I created today.

This is the original picture of my dog, Sandy, that I was looking at:

Here's what I created on Artrage:

I really don't know much about this program yet, but I had fun.  And I like the outcome...somewhat.  I feel it needs some work, but I also feel like the more I mess with it, the more it needs.  I don't use watercolors in real life, so this was a learning experience with that too.

This is a pretty neat program.  You get results that look much less like you do it on the computer, and more like you created them in real life.  


  1. Have you tried Gimp? It's an open source program similar to Photoshop so it has all that fun stuff in one program. And, since it's open source, it's all free. Always a bonus.


  2. Maureen,
    I haven't tried Gimp, I'll have to look into it.
    I do have Photoshop. I'm still learning how to use it. I like the effect that the oil paint looks like on ArtRage, but I can't figure out how to control it well enough.
    (I think I'm just an oil painter at walk in a room and just smell the paint makes me happy.)
    How are your doodles going?

  3. I haven't done any the last couple of days. I did a few days of journalling with pictures like you posted one day. However, I started Drawspace tonight and finished section A. Got to draw straight lines and curves to see what my natural hand movement. I seem to prefer counterclockwise even though I'm righthanded.

  4. What's Drawspace? I down loaded Draw Your Life, and Sustainable Creativity by Michael Nobbs. The Draw Your Life, is free, and it's pretty interesting. Haven't gotten into Sustainable Creatity yet. (his link is on the top right hand column if you haven't checked him out before.)
    I'll google Drawspace.
    I go clockwise I think because my vertigo always spins clockwise. funny, I've talked with others with vertigo and it goes counter clockwise...i wonder why there's a difference?

  5. No, wait, I know what Drawspace is, you told me about it, I have it bookmarked, and did some of it. duh! I've been looking at so much stuff.
    I'm leaning toward the drawing journal stuff. and just art therapy stuff right now...hoping to unstick my artist within...and help my psyche heal.


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