Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scribble Exercise

In the book Explore Yourself Through Art by Vicky Barber, they have an exercise that suggest that you create 3 scribble drawings.

First you get a dark marker, crayon, or drawing utensil of your choice, and just scribble on the page without looking at it for 3 seconds.  That's all, just 3 seconds.  The thought is any longer than that and you will start to think about what you are doing, this is supposed to be completely spontaneous.

Next you look at your scribbles and see what you can see in them.  It could be an emotion, a figure,..anything.  

Now draw on your scribble and bring out what you see.  How does it make you feel?

Here are my scribble drawings:

I think I was craving chocolate ice cream.
How does that make me feel?  Indulgent, guilty, pleasure, hungry..

Yes, a Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Top lose at the Beach!
I love the beach.  And I love yellow.  This brought up happy feelings, but also a bit of sadness because I haven't been to the beach in so long.  And because I doubt I'll ever feel comfortable in a bikini again.  : )

As soon as I saw this scribble I saw a person with really big glasses on!
I don't know if it's a male of female...I'm thinking a she.  And she enjoys life, is very self confident, and lives her life to the fullest no matter what!

I don't know how many other exercises I'll do from this book.  I've been reading a lot of different books on creativity and I'm getting useful information from all of them, so I plan to do an activity here and there from each of them.

This was a fun exercise, I felt I was getting in touch with my inner child.  I may scribble some more!


  1. Hi Wendy, Looks like you have a pretty cute blog here. Love the drawings and sketches.

    I followed you over from my blog where you left a comment and are now in the drawing for the watercolor book giveaway. Good luck!!!


  2. Thanks Vicki,
    I'm just getting started here. But so far, I'm having fun...and that's the whole point, isn't it?

    Looking forward to seeing more of your blog.


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