Friday, August 19, 2011

Self Portrait - Feelings of Today

Having a rough day today.
Couldn't sleep last night, that always makes the next day worse.

Tried to do some sketching, but nothing seemed to be working... I had a very hard time doing anything today.  

So I decided to do a little photo manipulation.  Blogger uses Picassa, so I thought I'd play around with it and see what I could accomplish.

I took a couple of photos of me, and did a few things to them, trying to come up with how I'm feeling today.
Extreme Disequilibrium, Migraines, Loud Tinnitus - these are most of my symptoms today.  How do I feel emotionally?  Like this:

The original photo I played with is below, but I think the one above expresses my feeling better.
Too many smiles in this shot.  

It may have been hard to get anything done today, but I feel so much better after accomplishing this.  It's wonderful to be able to let my feelings out without saying a word.


  1. Your photos are SO EXPRESSIVE!
    I really think that creativity, in all its various forms, is so important to healing, feeling good about yourself, feeling accomplishment, and the list goes on.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you Phylor!
    This has been a very liberating experiment.
    I was unsure about doing it, but I'm glad I have.

    I agree whole heartedly that creativity in any form, is important, in countless ways!


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