Friday, September 30, 2011

Alice's Mushroom Garden / Take 2

I really liked the circular drawing I did of the mushroom garden - affectionately named after Alice (yes, Lewis Carroll's Alice.)

However, it didn't scan very well, so I decided to try and play with it a bit in Photoshop (CS4 version), using my Wacom Bamboo Drawing Pad.

This is the result:
I wish now that I had made a perfect circle, instead of just drawing one free hand, but when I started I had no idea with this was going to become.  Normally, I go all outside the lines so it's no big deal if the original circle isn't straight.

Here is the original scan, just to show you the dramatic difference:

What do you think?  Yes, the one on the top is rotated, hubby  thought the name and title should be at the bottom...but there really is no bottom.  : )

It has been a long time since I've felt like I was in the "Zone" while I was drawing/painting....  But while doing the re-vamp of Alice's Mushroom Garden, I found myself in the Zone!  Everything else was just background.  My husband would talk to me and it would take a moment for me to realize.

It felt good.  The tangles, I've been doing do have a zen quality, you feel relaxed, and tranquil, but it's not the same as that "Zone" quality. 

Anyone else, know what I'm talking about?  If so, how often are you in the zone?  (while doing anything, could be art, writing, running....what makes you feel consumed - perhaps not the best word, but it does consume me.  I have to keep going.  I have to remind myself to drink, or eat...  It just feels good, and I become a part of it.

The new Alice garden is shared on Web of Whimsy drop by see other whimsical work, join in the fun, pass along the word!


  1. Yup the top looks super!!! I like the words towards the bottom. Ahh yes I have had that scanner problem too- rather frustrating, but you fixed it wonderfully.:)

  2. OK - this is really cool...a wonderful piece to showcase for sure - so glad you brought it to the whimsy pool

  3. This is so very cool...and very Zen like and whimsy all in one!

  4. That is a freaking awesome album cover!

  5. So glad you all like it!
    it tickles me!

    I've been so sick for so long now, and to think that I can create something that people enjoy while lying in bed! how cool is that!
    I will not let this disease define me!!

    thanks again

  6. This looks really cool. I totally get the zone. :) I wish I was there more often. :)

  7. Definitely very zen and creative ~ know the 'zone' ~ zen tangles don't quite get me in the zone ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) linked with Whimsical Weds ~ ^_^

  8. Carol, I don't know if you could call this a Zentangle, since it is a picture of something, that I just happened to put patterns on. (I know some of the patterns are considered Zentangle originals, but most I just do, I don't look at a pattern and say...oh, I'm going to do that. I make it up and later find out that someone else did it before me...but isn't that often the way with patterns?)

    The coloring of this piece is what got me in the Zone...working with it, making it better...

    Looking forward to finding more ways to get in that Zone again. : )

  9. I love it! It would be really cool to put it on one of those "decorate it yourself" plates.

  10. I agree it would make a lovely record album label -- reminds me of some I used to have. Love that very shiny mushroom in particular. It's got a really nice 60's vibe. I just got a Bamboo tablet and love it, although I'd still rather splash around real paint and ink! Guess it takes a while to learn Photoshop. I sure don't get in the zone when I'm on the computer - more just swearing and tearing out my hair!

  11. Gay, I felt the same way about working on the computer...Don't know why this was different.
    I love getting into the paint...ect. but I've been mostly confined to bed lately, so working on the computer is working out great.
    Photoshop,,,is hard in some spots, but I've taught myself everything.
    there's a free art program on line many people use called GIMP (I think). My photoshop program was a gift, so I can't complain.

    The shiny mushroom is also my reminds me of Dr. Seuss...don't know why.

    I've made would be cool. but I couldn't paint it with photoshop...wonder if I could get the colors as bright. : )

  12. What a wonderful and whimsical drawing. Definitely like it with the bumped up color! That's what I don't like when you never seems to pick up the color true! Great job! Pop Art Minis

  13. Joni,
    I have to say the original was not as bright as the end result. (but not as drab as the scan either) so, I'm glad the scan pushed me into making this piece really work!
    dropped by your blog. Love the Alphabet, especially the X!!

  14. What a wonderful piece. I love that it is all hand drawn and not too perfect a circle. I think it adds to the magic of it.


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