Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ink blot Challenge

Over at dt.haase (for the love of lines) - I decided to take the ink blot challenge.

They give you an inkblot and you make a design/picture/creative expression out of it.

So far I've completed #1 and #2 for September.

Inkling #1  Fish House

Inkling # 2 Homme à la plume

This was an interesting assignment.  Reminiscent of a Rorschach text.
Made my imagination run wild.  Fun!

What do you  think?


  1. I think these are fabulous - that fish castle is brilliant...wonderful submissions!

  2. dthasse : I'm so glad you like them. It was so much fun to do. I printed out #3 today, looking forward to seeing what it turns in to!
    : )

  3. This made me think of something from my childhood. My Dad would have us make a scribble on paper, and then he would create a picture out of it. He was a terrific artist, we would play this game while waiting for doctor/dentist, and at boring parties like weddings and communions. It was especially fun when the tables had paper tablecloths...we would use up the whole thing.
    Thanks for the memory of something fun from my childhood!

  4. Mo, that sounds so very cool!
    what a great memory...thank you for sharing!


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