Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Silly Haikus for today

The following are very loosely based in the tradition of a Haiku.
I was just playing around with a different way to say what's on my  mind.

Dizzy Chick needs change
Vertigo and Headaches Suck
Art Makes it Better

Head is swimming all alone
Try to keep afloat
Am adrift in solitude

Dizzy girl can not hear you
Noise in ear too loud
Needs be better at charades.

Drawing helps the pain
Concetrating on beauty
Am very grateful


  1. thank you for sharing --
    on this side of the blog
    migraines and vertigo

  2. jublke- thanks for coming by.

    Migraines,Vertigo Bad!
    Month full of pain and spins,
    why can't someone help?

    sorry such a downer...it's a rough day.


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