Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Tangled

This week has been another rough week, so I've been stuck doing a lot of nothing.  Except....doodling, the Zentangle way! 

Here are a few that helped me get through the week:

I really like the center part of this one, but I think the patterns on the sides are a bit overwhelming.

Starting to do some shading.  

Drawn with some water soluble crayons that my husband brought me from a trip to  Switzerland, many years ago.

So far, this is my favorite.

Not sure this one is quite finished.
I like the idea of creating a picture of something using tangles.

Feeling like some COLOR!
not sure if this one is finished yet either...think it may need a bit more solid green.
I hope you enjoyed.

As always feel free to critique.  
I appreciate the feel back.


  1. Keep at it. Being arty good for you.

  2. Your wonderful flower zentangle reminds me of flowers I used to pick at my grandmothers!

  3. Awesome art work ~ Bravo! ~ thanks ~ Great for CREATIVE EVERYDAY~ namaste, Carol ( A Creative Harbor and my other blog Share the Creative Journey) Hope you come by ^_^

  4. Your favorite is mine also. Love it.

  5. Great to discover you via CED. Seems we're on a similar journey of creativity & healing. I write a blog/newsletter about creativity & wellbeing.

    Beautiful doodles/zentangles! I love to doodle & do so frequently. Like you, I find it great on 'rough' days because I can sit in a comfy chair, rest & doodle away. But I doodle during good & bad.

    You may like to take a look at the World Doodle Challenge run by fellow blogger & bloggy mate of mine Warren at: (

    Fab to discover you.
    Kat :-)

  6. I love Zentangles. These are so imaginative.

  7. Kat,
    Thank you so much for the link. I do like Warren's blog...a lot.
    lot's of inspiration.


  8. Wow! Amazing zentangles -- you have mastered this art form! My favorite is the fish -- beautiful!


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