Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Creations from Sept 19-24

Physically and emotionally, this has been a turbulent week.
I'm still amazed at how much creating something has been helping.  While I'm doodling, the migraines seem more bearable.  The thought that I have something to do when I wake up, is liberating.  

But enough about me...
Here's what I've been working on for the last few days (actually there is more, but I haven't had the time to scan everything in, so another post will be coming soon!)


I like this tree.  Not sure I should have added the birds, but over all, I like this one.

affectionately called my Star Fish

A Work In Progress.  I have a dear friend, who's son's name is Nate...I've been thinking about him a lot lately.

Another Work In Progress, but I thought I'd share it with you today.
We each have our own struggles.  We must all have the courage to face them.
This week, I had to reach inside myself to find the courage deep within. 
Much more to scan.  
Hope you enjoy.


  1. Love the flower and the fish. I'm glad drawing has been helping you.

    I like the tree picture also. Well, I like them all, but back to the tree. I like the bird that is still flying, especially as it's all black against the white background. Not sure about the the one that's sitting in the tree. To me, it is covering part of the design. Why aren't you sure about the birds?


  2. I'm not sure about the birds because the one flying...I drew it out first as a line drawing, but once I shaded it in I felt like the perspective was off a little. And the one in the tree, just kind of looks stuck there, not like it's really sitting in it.

    but I do like the tree a lot.
    think I'll try to do another one.

    Thank you.
    I'm grateful it's helping too.

  3. I am glad that your drawing helped. They are all wonderful! And I love that tree!

  4. Beautiful work, love your Courage. Feel better soon!

  5. Wendy, I love your drawings. I think my favorite so far is the flower and the bee. Even though the flower is in black and white, I can see why the bee was attracted to the flower.

    My second favorite is the amoebas (sp) that look like they were taken from part of a reef.


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