Sunday, September 18, 2011

Self Portraits - with hubby too.

I haven't draw people in a very long time.
After posting "Translating Headaches into Images", Judith, from Creativity to Max, suggested. " Now, you might do the same with feeling better and better ad use that series as a visualization."

I wasn't exactly sure about how I would go about that.  So I dug out a couple of pictures that were taken when I was feeling better. and decided to simply draw from those.  These pictures bring back good memories, and thoughts and feelings.  

Please remember, I haven't drawn portraits in a very long time....years and be gentle.

I'm actually pretty pleased with them, especially the one with me and Stuart together.  (That was a fun day.  A friend of ours came over and took pictures of us.  We had a ball!)

Below I've posted the drawing and underneath each I've posted the photo they came from.

Please let me know what you honest critique would be appreciated.  I'm my own worst critic so I can see a ton of things I should change, but sometimes you just have to walk away.


  1. Nice portrait sketches! I would say you got the proportions right, all the details are already there.
    For me personally, it can still be refined, depending on how far you want to go really. But I would totally add some darker tones to make the portrait "pop-out" a little more. I guess I don't like my portraits flat, but that's just me.

  2. What a cute couple, you both look so happy.

  3. I think you've made a lovely job of these!

  4. Wonderful!! I love the one of the both of you! Like the variety of lines!

  5. Looking good so far, your eyes, nose, mouth pretty much in the right places, time to add some shading/value to your drawings to give your drawings some form. The hair done with just lines looks a bit stringy, tone would make a difference.

  6. Kathy, thank you!
    I love a good honest critique.
    Some of what you said, I was thinking too, but I was at that point where I was afraid to do much more.
    But I think I will play with them some more. With your suggestions, I'm getting the courage.

    thanks again,

  7. Alex
    I agree, I think they need more to make them pop!
    It's been a long time since I attempted drawing a portrait, so I think I was a bit timid. After I got this far I was afraid to mess things up...but I can see things that need to be done.

    Your portraits are beautiful. I'm honored you took time out to give me some pointers.

  8. Thank you to Cathy, raena, and Kathy,

    The photo of my hubby and me is one of my I'd really like to make it more...intense.

    as soon as I get nerve enough to mess with it some more. : )

    thanks again,

  9. These are Marvellous Wendy. As the others said some more shading/toning would work it up really well. You could scan your original and try it on the copy, that way you won't be worried about messing things up. I am sure you wouldn't make too much of a mess.


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