Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fractured Ear

I have a few days of creating to share with you, but today, I'm posting about me....a little any way.

I saw my ear doctor (specialist at Duke) on Tuesday.  I'm in a waiting game to see if things will improve after my last cerebrospinal fluid patches. (performed on Aug. 22nd).  I'm sure my headaches will level off....but my hearing...I'm just not so sure it will come back.

I had a hearing test while I was there.  At my last hearing test earlier this year, my left ear was the better.  I could hear from it without any aid, not as clearly as I could with my hearing aid, but I could make out speech if said directly to me.

This hearing test showed I have 0% word recognition in my left ear.  My hearing aid will not do any good.  To get the volume loud enough so I can hear anything, the sound is too distorted.  

When I got home, the emotions were so raw, I had to get it I created.....

This is how I feel my ear sounds:

So for now I wait.


  1. Picture is powerful. It is worth more than 1,000 words. I'm so sorry about all you are experiencing . . .there are no words

  2. Thank you Judith!
    You'd be surprised at what the original photo looked like.

    I started to draw it out, but thought the visual experience of seeing an actual ear made more of a statement.

    Thank you for all the encouragement.


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