Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Recent Doodles and Journal Entries

What?  Vestibular Disorders are complicated.

I was playing around with the leaf pattern I was making, and it turned in to this.
A touch of Fall.

Magic Mushrooms?  Perhaps... they make me smile, and that's pretty magical.

A small tangle doodle.  Simple, yet it just feels right.
Hubby loves this piece.  The actual piece is about 3" in diameter.

I have no idea what to put in the hole.
I've decided to print out a copy and play with it to see what I might like...or I might just leave it blank.
I was thinking it would make a nice card, and I could put a message in the hole....hummm,
Little story about how this drawing came about:
Finally, hubby admits he needs some help.  So we decided to have someone come in to clean our house.
First, a woman comes out and looks at the house and gives you a price, then they set up an appointment.
While he was showing her the house, I drew this little doodle with the hole in it....was that my subconscious relating just how I don't feel like a whole person any longer?   Or did I just get stuck?

I really love this piece, but I don't feel that it scanned very well.  I tried it more than once,  but the colors just aren't what they should be.  (the background is a blue tint, not grey)
Stuart said it looked like it would be in Alice in Wonderland, that's why it's titled "Alice's Garden"
But after looking at it, I see a bit of Dr. Seuss in there.
It was fun!  I like circles!  There isn't an up or down on this drawing.  It's equally fun from all angles.
I may do another one of these and color it with ink instead of colored pencils...that would be bright!
Of course, it would not be the two mushroom gardens are alike.

Yes, I am still doing a drawing journal.
Here's one entry I thought I'd share.

"The tears have been shed.
The lines have been drawn.
Do we dare to cross?
Do we dare to dream again?
The tears have flowed like rivers down our faces.
The mourning continues.
How do we hope again?
How do we believe?

I was sitting on the couch and noticed the remote for the TV.
I started to think about how much less TV I watch now than I used to.
When I first got tinnitus, I would keep the TV on all the time just for the noise so I wouldn't notice the buzzing in my ears so much.
Now, the tinnitus gets so loud I can't stand any other sounds.
The only time I watch TV now is if it has closed captioning.
Thank goodness for those shows and movies that have good closed captioning.
(some of it is really bad!)

Few, it's been a busy drawing week, and this is only the things I feel are OK enough to share.  I have pages and pages of patterns I'm trying out.

When you are bed bound, and the world spins a lot of the time, it's nice to have something to do that settles things down, and makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.


  1. there's a hole in the next picture too -- almost as if looking through the hole in the previous picture -- don't put anything in the hole, just keep looking through -- each time you look something else may appear.

    With love,

  2. Judy,
    just wait, in the next set of pictures, I have another one with a hole..but I meant for this one. (it's up on my other blog now.)
    I've figured out how to fix the colors in Alice's mushroom garden in it will be better soon! can't wait to share what the real vision was.


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